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Ajobha Seeds

About Us

We are Maize and Paddy seed producer, I have always had a goal to provide good quality Maize and Paddy seeds to the farmers. We do research on different and weather-suitable seeds for each region. To be a successful hybrid maize or paddy producer, it is necessary to have a deep understanding. We have a good team. Whatever we produce maize and paddy, we closely monitor the machines. After cutting, they are sent for testing. . after going through a lot of process

Then we pack it and make it available in the market, from sowing to harvesting, we keep in touch with you so that we can do better.


Our aim is to make the most reliable team in agriculture and so that we can connect with more and more farmers so that farmers can have more trust on us. Our effort is to provide good seeds and make farmers prosperous.


We are good seed producers. The soil is different in every region, so we produce seeds keeping the soil in mind and we also advise the farmer to choose the seed considering the quality of the soil.


We want to be the trust of the farmers and we do our work honestly and how to get more production to the farmer. We are working on that. Can get higher price for the crop.

How We Produce

Our Manufacturing Unit

Research & Development

The seed manufacturing process begins with research and development to identify the best plant species and varieties. This involves testing and evaluating different genetic traits, such as disease resistance, yield, and quality.


Once the ideal cultivars have been identified, We begin the breeding process to produce hybrid seeds with desirable traits. This may involve crossing different cultivars to create new varieties with improved characteristics.


The next step in the manufacturing process is seed production. This involves cultivating the plants in an environment that is optimal for growth and carefully managing the soil, water, and other resources required for plant growth.


After the seeds have been harvested, they are cleaned to remove any impurities or debris. This involve screening, airflow, and other techniques to ensure that the seeds are of the highest quality.


Once the seeds have been cleaned, they are dried to reduce their moisture content. This helps to prevent the growth of mold or other microorganisms that could damage the seeds.


Finally, the seeds are packaged for sale. The manufacturer will label the packages with all the necessary information such as species, variety, and other relevant details.